Mazda 6

Mazda 6 with the RVM system. Detects hidden dangers in your blindspot.
Manufacturer: Mazda

Body Copy:  N/A

Review:    This ad demonstrates how less could add more by erasing part of the letters in Road and leaving behind elements of letters that form the word car.  This approach leverages two techniques.  The first is by demonstrating what is missing.  The second is to illustrate what Road is made of.  Because the image carries the message and primary area of focus, all other supporting copy is made to look visually subordinate.  The method of "Missing Something" is similar to, but different from the "Strike Out" technique that crosses off letters or words to change the context of the initial message.  This approach creates a twist, in the end, to shift your train of thought in a new direction.


Ad specifications
Headline Missing Something
Media Magazine
Audience Consumers
Offering Product
Headline Made Of
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